Pool Closings

4-74D894D5-2492946-800_mediumMaple Leaf pools knows that closing your pool properly takes attention to detail and we understand the importance of winterizing all lines and equipment for safe storage throughout the winter season.



Our pool closing service includes:

  • The removal and storage of all equipment such as diving boards and ladders
  • Draining your pool water down below wall jets
  • Blow out and plug all line fittings and skimmer
  • Proper drainage of equipment such as pump, filter, heater, salt unit
  • Add all necessary winterizing chemicals
  • Installation of winter cover including the filling and placement of water bags
  • For an extra fee we will vacuum your pool prior to closing to optimize the cleanliness of your pool come spring, this will need to be arranged at the time of booking

                             Call 905-751-8242 or click here to arrange your pool closing swimming_pool