Pool Maintenance


pool with floaterMaintaining the clarity and health of your pool doesn’t have to be a burden this summer, sometimes it’s best to let a professional help take the stress out of pool ownership leaving it perfect and ready for you and your family to enjoy. Take advantage of our pool maintenance programs and see the difference we can make.  Maintenance programs can be arranged on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis 

Maintenance packages include:

  • Complete pool vacuum, skim surface, brush and clean pool rails and ladders, removal of pool debris
  • Clean the water line as needed, empty filter baskets, clean filter; test and treat pool water
  • Provide a chemical analysis, inspect filter and pump, and calibrate all mechanical equipment
  • Backwash sand filters and/or rinse cartridge filters
  • After each visit a written report including details of the visit and/or tips and suggestions if needed will be left for the homeowner

                        Call 905-751-8242 or click here to arrange for pool maintenanceswimming_pool